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4 Things Men Look For In Women Post-Divorce


When men are looking for partners post-divorce, their preferences and priorities shift. When compared to what a man wants before or during his first marriage versus after their divorce, there can be some key differences. This intel can be extremely useful for women looking to find love after their own marriages haven’t worked out.

1. A strong attraction

Unless he’s quite the looker himself, a billionaire, or works in Hollywood, a man can’t expect to remarry to a supermodel. However, that doesn’t mean he wants to settle for someone he doesn’t have a passionate physical attraction to. A man who cares for himself and works out often will expect the same from a partner, especially if their ex didn’t have these qualities. 

Guys will often appreciate a woman who dresses up often and puts effort into her outfits, and this is even more likely if his ex frequently wore casual outfits and lounged around in sweatpants. The same goes for women, if they believed their ex-husband was a slob, they’d opt for a partner who takes care of himself a little better.

2. Being kind

Although being nice sounds like the bare minimum requirement, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to find a genuinely kind person. For men, this often means being affectionate, both verbally and physically. This is most likely high on the priority list if they were stuck in a marriage with someone who was often upset or whom they experienced distance with. 

If a man hasn’t felt affection or praise in a marriage or long-term relationship, once he gets out of it, he’ll actively seek someone who lives life with passion, appreciation, joy, and desire. Who will laugh at his joke and be kind to his children, though he won’t expect her to take on the mother role if their mom is still in the picture?


3. Enjoyment of touching and sex

Touching is a major love language for most men. If their previous partner didn’t share the same love language, they probably didn’t experience the level of physical affection and intimacy they desired. If a guy has gotten out of a sexual desert in his first marriage, he’ll probably avoid getting into one with the second. Therefore, men (especially those with high libidos) will seek out a woman who prioritizes sex in the relationship and wants to invest their time and energy in it. 

4. Flexibility

In some cases, when a man initiates divorce, it’s because he finds his partner to be anxious and rigid. This leads him to feel constricted and stressed out to the point that it’s unbearable, hence asking to end the relationship. This can range from anxiety about children to feeling overwhelmed and a desire to be perfect, although this is unrealistic. 

When a rigid perspective is combined with unacknowledged anxiety that someone doesn’t make any attempt to treat, it can be tough to live with a partner and can interfere with a relationship. Some people feel that being around this attitude will cause their children to fear the world, which is why, in a second marriage, men appreciate women who are mentally flexible and open-minded. 

These are just a few things men value in a second marriage. For single women looking to start anew, these tips can hopefully inspire you or at least teach some valuable tidbits, like there’s no shame in seeking out a low-libido man or working out anxiety issues.