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6 Reasons Why Women Choose Beta Males Nowadays


One thing that has changed in recent years is the concept of the beta male. In past years, there has been a heavier emphasis on alpha males, and society upheld them and their characteristics in high regard. Beta males were looked at as weaker versions of men, while alpha males were viewed as stronger and more appealing. But with the rise of a broader definition of masculinity, society is rethinking what is acceptable and even attractive in terms of men. We now see society and women accepting and even appreciating a gentler type of man. Women of today are more attracted to men who are more in touch with their feelings and their partners. This type of man is leaning more towards the beta male perspective. Here are reasons why women choose beta males nowadays. 

Beta Males are more tapped in emotionally

Many alpha males are less likely to be in tune with themselves emotionally. This makes it more difficult for them to show up emotionally for their partners. Beta males are more likely to have been taught to or accepted the need to be tapped into their own emotions. They understand the need for emotional dexterity and are not afraid of being there emotionally for the woman in their lives. 

Beta Males are men you can count on
Because of their emotional aptitude, beta males are quite dependable people. Sometimes, when alpha males feel too much emotional pressure, they run away from their problems or those of the ones they love — thus running out on those closest to them in their hour of need. Beta males are not afraid of being needed and are much more reliable this way.

Beta Males are not easily threatened

Many alpha males love competition and will do anything to show off for the crowd. This really comes from insecurity and a constant need to have their ego stroked. Beta men are actually a lot more secure than alpha males, although it is a bit harder to tell. That is because beta males are not easily threatened, and thus, have less reason to approach situations with bravado. 

Beta males are usually more compassionate


Many beta males have the associated characteristics because they were raised by women or have had strong women in their lives. This is sometimes misconstrued as a bad thing. But men who are raised by women are more compassionate and have a better understanding of how to treat women. They are also more likely to have a generally more empathetic view of the world. 

Beta Males are good listeners

You won’t hear beta males going on and on about themselves, because they have nothing to prove. They may seem quite at first, but that is because they have likely learned how to be better listeners than alpha males. They are self-assured and do not have to hide their flaws or insecurities with endlessly talking about their strengths and accolades. 

Beta Males are respectful

No matter the situation, you can always anticipate that a beta male will treat you with respect. Not much can get him out of character, because he knows who he is and has spent the time doing the internal work to know himself. Whereas alpha males are more about how the outside world sees him, beta males are more focused on their internal wellness and progress. So he can better navigate hard emotional situations without disrespecting you or treating you poorly based on the situation.