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What Type Of Woman He Wants, Based On His Zodiac Sign


A man’s zodiac sign can tell you a surprising amount of info about him and what he looks for in a woman.

1. Aries 

The Aries man is an independent spirit with lots of energy and an adventurous spirit. He seeks the same in the woman he chooses to be with, as well as someone who isn’t worried about getting a little messy during an outdoor adventure. He wants someone who prefers a night hanging out in front of the TV with some beers rather than always wanting to go to a fancy restaurant, but he also craves a woman who is a little sass who isn’t afraid to call someone else—himself included. 

2. Taurus

With a Taurus, trust is the most important thing out there. He desires a woman who’s loyal and won’t easily forgive if he feels that trust is betrayed. Feeling safe is essential for this sign, and playing games is a no-no. A Taurus prefers a sweet, clever, and feminine woman who expresses her feelings authentically, is comfortable in her own skin, and won’t string him along. 

3. Gemini

A Gemini man generally likes a challenge, both in the bedroom and in the relationship. He prefers a woman to match up with him intellectually while encouraging him to get out of his comfort zone. Finding intelligence and a sense of humor are the most attractive qualities in a woman. For a Gemini, a conversation is foreplay, and deep talks are what will draw him in. 

4. Cancer

Cancer men are sometimes considered needy in terms of requiring reassurance that a woman genuinely is into him, but they go above and beyond to ensure that a woman is happy. However, insecurities may stem from doing a lot for a woman and having the situation backfire on him. He loves being needed and tends to be attracted to the “damsel in distress” type, who has a troubled past and wants to feel safe with a man.

5. Leo

A Leo will always search for his equal and seek out strong women who are confident and passionate about life. Unfortunately, a Leo can also be a little shallow. They will always seek out gorgeous and classy women, often prioritizing physical looks. Despite being a bit superficial, he can’t help but want the best (both inner and outer beauty) with one woman. 

6. Virgo

A Virgo is less shallow than a Leo in that they’re attracted to how beautiful a woman is on the inside. He wants to see eye-to-eye with her and keep things drama-free. He’s turned off by women who turn small issues into big ones. For this sign, being best friends with a woman is just as important as being in love with her.

7. Libra

There’s nothing a Libra man loves more than being admired and acknowledged. If a woman thinks highly of him and admits it or compliments him, that’s a major turn-on. Still, he won’t fish for compliments because he wants to ensure they’re authentic. A close relationship with family and friends is important for Libra, and he prefers to have shared values with the woman he loves and create a close-knit social group with her. 


8. Scorpio

Scorpios are all about passion and sensuality, and not just in bed. This sign will often go after women who are bold and independent but slightly mysterious. As a result, he doesn’t tend to go for needy women, and as long as it’s not the clingy kind, he actually prefers a little crazy in his ladies. She should be fierce and confident in being her true self without worrying what others think.

9. Sagittarius

A sense of humor is a major priority for a Sag when finding a partner, as is someone who will stick with him through the ups and downs of life. This sign is known for being optimistic with a glass-half-full mentality who crave to be understood by others but don’t take life too seriously. If a woman isn’t funny or gets upset over silly pranks, she’s not right for a Sagittarius.

10. Capricorn

Odd as it may sound, a Capricorn loves an old-fashioned woman. They prefer traditional gender roles and appreciate a woman who likes a man taking the lead and sweeping her off her feet with romance. This sign will take time to get to know a woman in order to ensure compatibility. He appreciates traits like being driven and hardworking, but also somebody who knows how to relax. 

11. Aquarius

An Aquarius loves a girl who has a gypsy soul, meaning that she’s free-spirited and quirky and makes him feel good about himself. He seeks out a woman who isn’t just unique and open-minded but awakens a fire within him and asks unexpected questions that spark philosophical debates. If a woman doesn’t get his sense of humor, the relationship won’t have much of a future.

12. Pisces

A Pisces values a fellow daydreamer like himself who isn’t afraid to show her creative and artistic side. In the past, his relationships may have ended because of his head being in the clouds, so being with a woman who is similar in that sense may solve this. He yearns for his sensitive nature to be understood by a modern hippie who has great listening skills, is spontaneous, and, most importantly, inspires him.