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Lena Postnykova

Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Social Media (fashion, beauty, entertainment, food & travel)

Pretty sure that nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy, so break the rules, be positive, never regret anything that made you laugh, be the reason of someone’s smile, forgive quickly, inspire people around you, read more books, watch more movies, like Vogue, get to see a lot of the world, take a lot of pictures, have fun, kiss slowly, love truly and never forget that happiness is “homemade”.

Naima Karp


Naima is trying to navigate the waters of being a twenty-something year old. She’s a New York City native, and still resides there. She’s been writing since she was a teenager on relationships, fashion, lifestyle and more. She has roots in many pots, being part Russian and part Pakistani, and hopes to learn as much as she can about other cultures, and develop her presence as an author more.

Hellen Gordon

Editor, Writer (food and travel, beauty, lifestyle, relationship, entertainment)

A brave little five-foot thunderball. Tea lover, book reader, wine drinking enthusiast. A great fan of traveling that has misplaced a bit of her heart in the UK. Has definitely seen more tv shows and movies than you and is a fan of throwing in references that fly over people’s heads. British TV shows are her weakness. Forever annoyed by society’s ways, but also actively doing something about it. A strident feminist. A fan of stand-up comedians, pun appreciator, a giggle moster at times. Fluent in sarcasm but a newbie in sass. Dreams of one day achieving the heights of the sass king himself – Martin Freeman. Is incapable of ever being on time but forever hoping that maybe no one will notice. Tim Canterbury of her office, Abed Nadir of her friend group, Lorelei Gilmore wannabe by day, vampire slayer by night, hence, the tardiness.

Kate Aleksandrova

Writer (fashion, beauty, parenting, lifestyle)

When she’s not petting homeless cats, Kate can be found riding a bike around the city or eating samosas and falafels in vegetarian restaurants. Can’t live without coffee and licorice candies. Prefers film photography over digital and loves her 35mm film camera collection. Is inspired by people with sarcastic sense of humor and her creative friends and parents. “She’s always late” is her second name.

Dmytro Tolkachov


Ivanka Yurchenko

Ivanka Yurchenko is a writer and photographer with a passion for traveling. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she spends a lot of time exploring the vibrant local culture that is filled with all kinds of events like music festivals, yoga retreats and art gallery openings. She enjoys writing about her travels to inspire other people to go out and see what the world has to offer. One day she just went exploring Myanmar, India and Nepal and found a world of wonders. Now Ivanka is striving to become a great writer and photographer to share the beauty of the world with as many people as possible.

Alisa Kaiser

Writing is a form of therapy for this girl. Alisa is an amateur photographer, coffee addict, theater lover, literature maniac, and a serious Harry Potter fan. She enjoys simple life pleasures like reading a good book or finding a great TV show to watch. Her greatest aspiration in life is to inspire other people with her writing. Believes that every story is worth telling.

Postnykova Liudmyla


Irina Maistrenko


Anthony Bikov

Bilingual copywriter by day and a blogger any time there’s nothing good on Netflix. Equally likely to go on a 30-minute tangent about the use of color in Marvel movies and why Gilmore Girls is the most culturally relevant show of the 90s (even though it was made in the 00s). He listens to everything from the Arctic Monkeys to Ziggy Stardust, but Kanye, Eminem, and Childish Gambino have been in his top-played artists for the past four years. Team #OxfordComma

Geoffrey D’Souza

Born in the cornfields of Iowa, Geoffrey has carved a niche for himself in the sunflower fields of Ukraine. Aside from teaching English to countless Ukrainians for a decade, he also has a passion for writing. This includes writing articles, proofreading/editing and creating a handful of unusual children’s stories about cute animals that never learn their lesson. Geoffrey is also a proud owner of a master’s degree from the University of Michigan, although he has yet to actually make good use of it.

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User oriented developer full of bright ideas and positive thinking. Always in search of opportunities to obtain new knowledge and meet new people. Loves video games, aims at self-development and always finds time to help others in the first place.