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Must-Know Facts About BB Cream


The world of makeup can be very confusing, just the sheer amount of products can be overwhelming, but then when you sort them into categories there’s still a mystery why there are many things that seem to do the same thing. So, for example, there’s liquid foundation, cream foundation, cushion, mineral powder foundation, BB creams, CC creams, multiple kinds of concealers for different areas of your face – but it seems like they all do the same thing? It’s a thing you put on your face to make the skin tone more even, right? Well, kinda, but really there’s much more to that. So today we’re going to tackle BB cream.

What Is BB Cream

I’ve often wondered what BB Cream is and how it is different from foundation or CC cream. What does “BB” stand for? I’ve finally figured it out. BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. And it’s one of those products that tried to do everything all at once. So if foundation is just for giving you coverage, BB creams are generally also a moisturizer, a sunscreen, a sheer foundation to even out your skin tone and an anti-ageing cream all in one.

How To Use BB Cream

BB Cream can be used as a primer before foundation or just instead of foundation if you want just some light coverage. Depending on your skin type you can even forego moisturizer and use BB cream instead, but if you have dry skin it’s better to still apply moisturizer before using BB Cream.

How To Pick The Right BB Cream Shade

BB cream isn’t quite like a foundation in this case, so you don’t have to be that specific with it. They’re generally quite sheer and can adapt to your skin color and even it out without covering everything completely. These days many companies make BB cream in a few shades like ranging from light to dark. The idea is to know where on the range of colors you are. If you’re super pale – go for very light. Are you somewhere in the middle? Medium is probably best and so on. BB creams are generally quite forgiving, so don’t sweat it.


How To Find The Best BB Cream

There is no one BB cream that works for everyone. It all depends on your skin type, skin tone, your budget and what do you want out of the product. It’s best to test out a few or ask a professional to help you find one that will suit you best. But make sure to have realistic expectations, BB cream does a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean it does everything 100%. So some BB creams have lots of antioxidants in them and peptides to rejuvenate your skin but the coverage is pretty light, others have better coverage but very low SPF.

Is There A Specific Age Group For BB Cream

Many people think that BB cream is just something for teenagers and it’s often treated as a training bra or a gateway drug into the heavy makeup. But that’s just not true. BB cream can be and should be used by everyone. It’s great for teens who don’t need a lot of coverage and just want to even out their skin a little while also taking care of it. It’s great for young women who don’t have time for an elaborate makeup routine. And it’s also a great choice for mature women who find that foundation can often crease and accentuate wrinkles, where’s BB cream would even out skin tone without feeling heavy and cakey on the face.

Can BB Cream Replace Skin Care

While BB Cream certainly blurs the line between makeup and skincare it’s definitely not a replacer for a regular skincare routine. Yes it’s got moisturizing properties, yes some BB creams have anti-ageing ingredients, and yes sometimes there’s an SPF built in too, but it’s not a replacement for actual skincare products. The best way to think of BB cream is as a light foundation with some bonus features. It’s a great product to have on the go if you’re travelling and don’t want to bring a separate suitcase just skincare. But on most days you should still use regular skincare and use BB cream as light makeup.