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Living Jewelry: A Unique and Elegant Way To Accessorize

Susan McLeary has taken the succulent obsession to a whole new level. Susan made succulents into jewelry. Yes, living jewelry, that grows while you wear it. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and each plant is hand picked either from Susan’s family greenhouse or from a few local small businesses. Susan’s living jewelry is obviously quite delicate, so it’s not something you would wear every day.

Wedding Trends That Are About to Dominate 2016

You thought preparing a wedding ceremony and party in Halloween style is super crazy and new. But it’s not anymore. Some couples dream about a classic wedding, some are ready to celebrate their most important day in the pool or more extreme way (is your grandma really ready for rope jumping?). We’ve already heard about these ideas or even been to such parties before. But what’s next? Nowadays any new trends become popular and come to life in a matter of minutes. So if you don’t want to miss anything, check out the new ideas that will surely break the internet in 2016.

Human Anatomy-Inspired Bags, Purses, And Shoes Designed By Konstantin Kofta

Understanding fashion is tricky and complicated. There are a lot of artists who position themselves as creative, talented and super unique designers presenting stuff that just can’t be understood. Literally. Is it really hard to tell ingenious from weird? Looking at these works, you will surely affirm, that this guy is a genius. Meet Kyiv-based fashion designer Konstantin Kofta.

Meet Hijarbie, the Popular Doll Wearing Muslim Fashion

Check out the unique Instagram account by Haneefah Adam, a pharmacology student from Nigeria, 24, that already has got 50,000 followers! In her gallery, Adam shares photos of a doll wearing an Islamic veil in various different ways. The young woman created her account in December and it became extremely popular since then. Well, she didn’t actually expect such a huge success and virality.

30 Pairs Of Designer Shoes For Disney Ladies by GrizandNorm

In movies Disney princesses usually wear the same shoes all the time. They’re lucky if they get 2 pairs, like Cinderella, but in most cases we don’t see them choosing shoes. Have you ever wondered what kind of shoes Disney princesses would wear in real life? Would they have a favourite kind of shoes? Would they shop for comfy trainers on a daily basis or would they prefer designer shoes? If so, which designer shoes would suit them best?

9 Fashionable And Futuristic Pieces Of Wearable Tech

So you think that the worlds of fashion and technology aren’t compatible? Well, what if I told you that nerds and fashionistas actually had something in common? Ranging from gorgeously lit dresses to awesome sneakers that have Google Maps built in, these garments and accessories are straight-up amazing, and you’ll want to waste all your money on them.

Tattooed Bride: To Be Or Not To Be

Today the number of inked and pierced people you can see on the streets is much bigger than it was 5-10 years ago. The number of girls with tattoos has also increased. Getting a tattoo is not something special anymore. Today it’s considered to be the norm, not the exception. Tattoos, piercing and other forms of body art are definitely on-trend today. And their popularity grows.

Historical Journey Through 12 Pairs Of High Fashion Heels

We often see some totally crazy and freaky looks from fashion shows, not always finding them attractive, and think that this is the limit. But sure enough we run into something even more unusual! Yes, fashion has no limits and it’s a real pleasure to find beautiful, nearly genius items or styles you wouldn’t have imagined existed.

Color Combinations To Try This Winter

This list will help you to find out what to wear this winter season, what colors to pay attention to and how to combine the most popular ones. Your shopping will become much easier.

12 Best Celebrity Winter Street Styles This Season

Winter has finally descended upon us – and it’s hard to stay cozy and chic at the same time! The natural instinct is to hide under blankets, or throw on our least flattering parka with a triple layer of leggings. But somehow, these famous folks manage to stay fashionable and alluring in even the most chilly conditions – these are the best of the bunch that you should learn a lesson from!

Scarf It Up: 12 Stylish Ways to Wear Scarf This Winter

Finally the scarf and coat season is here. You can forget about the bikini and relax plunging into something more cozy, warm and soft…However, don’t forget to be stylish even on the coldest days. If you still think that scarf is just a boring accessory to warm up your neck and shoulders you are so wrong, because there are plenty of stylish ways to wear scarfs this season. So grab your scarf and let’s go!