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6 Best Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone

You can determine your skin tone type through a few tactics like looking at your wrists, or checking your hair. You can then detect if you are a cool tone or warm tone underneath your skin tone pigment. If you are ready to understand more about selecting the proper shade of clothes, check out the 6 best clothing color options for your skin tone.

The Ultimate Guide to 80s Fashion

Even as we finish off the second decade of the 2000’s ‘80s fashion trends are still making a comeback. From the runway to fast fashion brands, everyone is hopping on the 80s fashion bandwagon. It’s such a vibrant and iconic era for fashion, so why not remix it over and over again?

8 Best Colors To Wear For New Year’s Eve

Some people choose their outfits based on what’s trendy that year, or what’s the Pantone color of the year. Others go by traditionally festive holiday colors, and some choose to pick their outfits according to which colors are considered to be lucky according to the Chinese calendar that year.

12 Best Faux Fur Coats to Wear This Winter

As soon as a chill comes into the air, there’s nothing more cuddly than a faux fur coat. It transforms you into a celeb and keeps you warm without sacrificing the lives of animals. Treat yo’self and get fancy this winter with a luxurious and chic fur coat.

10 Best Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Finding outfits to wear for the holidays is always a headache, and can sometimes take a chunk out of our end of year bonus. But some gorgeous outfits might already be hiding in your closet, or just waiting for the perfect piece to be paired with it. Here are our ultimate holiday looks, whether you’re looking to go risqué or appropriate.

Who Wore It Best: 12 Dresses Celebs Took Right Off The Catwalk | Her Beauty

Who Wore It Best: 12 Dresses Celebs Took Right Off The Catwalk

It’s not a secret celebs like to wear trendy, chic, and elegant dresses created by the most prominent designers. Yet it is not often that we get to see them grab a dress right from the runway. One minute a slim model is gracing the catwalk wrapped in dreamy waves of silk and chiffon, and next you see a gorgeous voluptuous celebrity rock the same dress on Red Carpet.

9 Best Plus Size Winter Outfit Ideas

When winter comes around, we’re forced to bundle up into puffy jackets and other outerwear that makes us look like penguins. For plus size girls, it’s a seasonal dread that comes every year. Here are the best way to flatter your curves when temperatures drop.

Girly Fashion Ideas from Asian Fashionistas | Her Beauty

Girly Fashion Ideas from Asian Fashionistas

There’s more than one way to be feminine, and no one knows that better than these seasoned style experts. Here are the best Asian fashionistas to give you girly outfit inspo for days – no matter what your vibe is.

Victoria's Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled | Her Beauty

Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled

The iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show has come to an end. Some people are upset about it, but forte most part, models and the public alike are ecstatic that such an outdated notion as the VS fashion show is being put to rest in what would have been its 25th year.