Kim Kardashian is Officially a Billionaire – Her Beauty

Kim Kardashian is Officially a Billionaire


Kim Kardashian is crazy rich, well that whole family is. But it seems like she’s reached new heights and it’s a big enough deal to her that her husband Kanye West congratulated her on Twitter in the most bizarre way possible. But then again, it’s Kanye West we’re talking about so what else did you expect.

Apparently Kim sold some shares of her beauty company KKW Beauty to Coty Inc for 200$ million and that sale made her a billionaire. It’s hard to know for sure, because tracking celeb finances and net worth accurately is nearly impossible, and the rumor is that she’s in fact not quite there and has around $900 million to her name. But Kanye congratulated Kim on “officially becoming a billionaire”.

He posted a tweet in which he congratulated her on this achievement, and said he’s insanely proud of her. He also said that she’s been through a lot and having come out of this storm, she’s now being blessed by God. (more like the gods of capitalism, am I right?). Kanye accompanied this post with a picture of some veggies and called it still life because somehow this makes sense to him.

As a mere mortal, it’s hard to understand how selling around 30% shares of an insanely lucrative business for $200 million is somehow related to a photo of some tomatoes and flowers, but here we are.

Kim hasn’t mentioned anything about numbers on her social media yet, but she did recently post a picture of herself in an all cream outfit chilling on a matching cream couch and captioned it with something along the lines of being and grateful.


But is this surprising to anyone? If you remember a little while back Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner sold a bunch of shares of her company, also to Coty Inc, and that’s how she became a billionaire too. So it looks like Kim just followed suit. The only difference is that Kylie sold 51% of her shares, so she now owns slightly less than half, quite a risky move. But obviously Kim was smart about this deal, because she still holds the majority 72% of the shares of her company.

These are certainly strange times, cause most of us is worried about losing our jobs or being fired and the economy collapsing due to the pandemic, but it seems like Kim found a way not only to avoid that, but to prosper during this hard time. She also recently posted a photo of North’s horse. Apparently Kim has 14 of these rare Friesian horses on her ranch in Wyoming.

That’s also where they went to celebrate North’s 7th birthday. Kim tweeted a picture of herself and North on the horses and said they’re celebrating Wyoming style. You know how many people want a pony for their birthday, well North has a whole herd of rare and expensive horses now. What a life, right? But that’s to be expected when your dad is a self proclaimed genius who recently got into religion and your mom is a beauty mogul and a billionaire.

Kardashians are truly living a dream life, even in the middle of the pandemic they’re having the best time ever, chilling on their ranch, riding horses and making more money than we could ever imagine. She has been criticized for borderline bragging about her life at a time when most people are struggling but hey, when have the Kardashians ever been in tune with the real world. Kind of makes you wonder what’s the next big thing that they’re going to announce. Perhaps we’ll finally get that Kanye album called “God’s Country” and become a religious cult leader. Honestly nothing will surprise us at this point, it’s 2020 – everything is possible.