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How Does Halle Berry Look So Young At Age 56? Find Out Now


Halle Berry never stops inspiring us (or slaying) with her looks, whether it’s in a skintight bodysuit in “Catwoman” or a Doberman-owning baddie in “John Wick.” She consistently keeps landing these action roles not just due to her phenomenal acting skills but her athletic physique, which allows her to take on such a dynamic range of roles. 

An athletic childhood

Part of this is due to gymnastics, which Berry grew up doing. She attributes much of her core strength to that training and emphasizes that sports have steadily been a part of her life since she was young. After having kids, it wasn’t so easy to maintain her physique. In fact, it was a lot harder.

Movement is key

Always keeping things in motion has been a big part of Halle’s workout philosophy, and that’s why she always switches things up. Rather than sticking to the same workout regimen, she gets her personal trainer to challenge her with new moves and activities constantly. In the words of Berry, if you don’t switch things up,  “you don’t see change or definition.”

An unexpected secret

Want to know the real truth behind Halle Berry’s washboard abs? After trying all kinds of activities, she cites mixed martial arts (MMA) as the ultimate way to achieve super strong abs. She called it the “biggest game-changer” for her body, explaining that things like Capoeira, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai all require your core to constantly brace, duck and twist, making a “recipe for really strong abs,” according to the actress. Around 30-50% of her workout routine consists of MMA.


Sticking to a diet

Berry follows a Keto diet and keeps her meals love in carbs and high in fat. She eats breakfast every day and cites it as the most crucial part of her morning routine. No matter what she decides on, she always has to have eggs and avocado, saying  “I like egg whites, avocados… I’ll cook the eggs in avocado oil.” The actress also enjoys adding veggies like tomatoes to her breakfast. 

Always stay balanced

As much as she loves an intense workout and sticks to a strict diet when she’s working, Halle knows that you shouldn’t keep your body under stress all the time. When she’s off the clock, she relaxes into a “4 hour-long workouts per week routine.” She understands the importance of staying fit but not overwhelming your body all the time.