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Where Is The Pretty Little Liars Cast Today?


Throughout its seven-year run, the show “Pretty Little Liars” kept viewers guessing who A was and had a near cult-like following that was obsessed all the way up until the finale. Each character was so different, and since the series came to an end, many fans have been wondering: what happened to the PLL girls after they grew up on-screen, and what are they doing today? Take a look below.

1. Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery

When on Pretty Little Liars, Hale played an artistic student named Aria Montgomery. She is part of a group of friends who are tragically dealing with the disappearance and possible death of one of their own  – a girl named Allison. Since 2017, Hale has starred in movies like “Fantasy Island”, “Truth or Dare” and “The Hating Game,” as well as being a staple on shows like Katy Keene and “Riverdale.”

2. Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields

The gorgeous Shay Mitchell played Emily Fields, who eventually gets engaged to Alison at the end of the series. In a Freeform spinoff called “The Perfectionists,” fans find out that they ultimately get a divorce down the line. After the show, Mitchell appeared on “You” playing Peach opposite Penn Badgley’s character. She was also a lead on Hulu’s “Dollface,” starring Kat Denning, and to this day, is still acting in flicks like “Something From Tiffany’s,” filmed in 2022. She shares two kids with Matte Babel.

3. Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin

After playing Hanna Marin, another one of Alison’s besties, Benson decided to focus more on film with movies like “Her Smell,” “The Birthday Cake” and “Private Property.” She did all her on vocals on the “Her Smell” soundtrack and has been in an on-and-off relationship with rapper G-Eazy.

4. Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings

Playing the bookworm of the group, Spencer Hastings, Bellisario continued to act in movies like “Feed,” “Cara” and her latest movie about motherhood dubbed “Doula.” She also branched out into directing with some episodes of the Freeform show “Good Trouble.” After marrying hubby Patrick J. Adams, the two had their first daughter, Aurora Adams in 2018.  Elliot Rowena Adams followed in 2021.

5. Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis

This blond beauty played the Queen of Rosewood High School, Alison. At the beginning of the series, she’s thought to be dead,  but later we find out the juicy details of what really happened. Not long after the show ended, she appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” and announced that she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. She also appeared in movies like “The Honor List” and “Ivy & Bean” but reprised her original “Pretty Little Liars” role with the Freeform spin-off, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.” In 2018, she wed longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, and the two had their first child in 2020.


6. Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal

The original culprit behind the mysterious “A” texts, Mona ultimately makes nice with the Liars and later on showed up in the 2019 spin-off like her co-worker Pieterse. She made a name for herself in TV movies, notably Hallmark flicks, and you might recognize her as Lana Condor’s onscreen sister in Netflix’s “To All the Boys” movies. In 2018, she married her boyfriend, Chris Long in Oahu, Hawaii.

7. Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz

Yeah, this character was kind of problematic since he was an English teacher at Rosewood High and eventually went on to marry Aria Montgomery. Still, he was relatively young and a certified hottie, so many viewers let that go. Since the show wrapped, he showed up in projects like “Chicago Med” “Food v Ferraro” and “Magnum PI.” In 2019, he married longtime partner Sophie Hart and they had their first child in 2022.

8. Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh

Ah, shirtless Toby. Eventually marrying Spencer Hastings, Allen has played several roles since Toby, including the show “What/If”, a voice actor on “Rick and Morty” and acting in the films “Zeroville” and “Follow Me.” Right now, you can catch him on Season 3 of “Walker” on the CW.

9. Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers

Eventually marrying Hanna Marin, Caleb was a close friend to the PLL crew and, like his co-workers, has now become a CW regular. You can find him on reboots of “Charmed” and “Roswell, New Mexico.” Blackburn also makes music, and some of his songs have been featured in the soundtrack of “Roswell, New Mexico.” In 2019, the actor came out as bisexual.