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10 Most Inspiring Celeb Weight Loss Transformations


Sure, celebs might have access to five star personal trainers and vegan chefs, but you can easily get results at home just by taking on new fitness and diet habits. Here are the most impressive celeb weight loss transformations that’ll make your jaw drop.

1. Adele

We have to say that Adele mastered the revenge body after her breakup with Simon Koncecki. She started treating her body like a temple, eating healthy and cutting out her sugary tea, swapping it for green juice instead. She’s lost 100 pounds and has a new love for kale! It’s safe to say that her ex is probably regretting a bunch of choices after her immense glow-up.

2. Jessica Simpson

Many moms can relate to dealing with the post-weight baby weight, which isn’t at all easy. When this country and pop queen had her third child Birdie Mae back in March 2019, she lost 100 pounds over the course of six months. According to Jessica, balance is key. If you just invest in working out consistently and portion control, anything is achievable. Moderation is the name of the game. 

3. Mike the Situation Sorrentino

During an eight month jail sentence is when Mike experienced his weight loss. Sure, it might not be the ideal environment to revamp your body, but transforming your body can serve as a form of motivation and a mood lifter. He lost nearly 40 pounds total and worked out twice daily, along with doing intermittent fasting. He said it wasn’t hard based on the quality of the prison food he got.

4. French Montana

When people joked that he spray painted a six pack on, French said that he was no catfish, and go there through “hard work.”  He is being a little braggy about the whole situation, but we gotta say, the new French Montana is looking like a snack with his shirt off and we’re not mad about it.  Quarantine is great for getting fit, be it for normals or celebrities.

5. Rebel Wilson

Rebel’s health journey has been a vision to observe. This queen made her weight loss goal and we’re so proud of her. For 2020, she decided to work out every day of the week with trainer Jono Castano. She’s been doing some intense routines on the ropes, and it’s clear that this blond babe enjoys high intensity interval training. Gotta get that stress out somehow!


6. Ed Sheeran

This red-headed cutie has always been known for his cherubic face, but now he’s a smoking hottie after losing 50 pounds. After quitting smoking and getting into running, this singer attributed his weight gain to eating too much American food on tour. Goodbye chicken wings and red wine, hello fit and fabulous Ed.

7. Chrissy Metz

Kate from This is Us helped normalize bigger women on screen with weight struggles, but playing the role actually inspired her to accomplish her own weight loss. Her contract required that she lose weight along with her character, and while some might consider that unfair or an immense amount of pressure Metz called that clause a motivational “win-win.”

8. Kelly Osbourne

Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter has had several glow ups since her dyed black, punk days. However, it never really stuck, due to yo-yo eating plans, fad diets, and her struggle with addiction. Nowadays, she’s living her best life as a vegan, walks a ton, and uses weights. On IG, she revealed that she’s lost about 85 pounds. 

9. Action Bronson

This rapper lost a whopping 127 pounds in nine months, following some health issues. At his heaviest, Bronson weighed nearly 400 pounds. In December 2020, he weighed 249 pounds. Action Bronson has always been known as a big guy, but it turns out that the Coronavirus pandemic changed him for the better. 

10. Joe Giudice

It’s looking like Teresa is missing out after Joe shed his weight in jail. This RHONJ star is nearly unrecognizable after nearly 41 months in prison. He’s lost nearly 60 or 70 pounds, and his face and belly area look totally transformed. It seems that many people this year underwent transformations not for physical reasons, but for mental health.