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Stars Who Have Lost Weight During The Last Year

The last year represented struggles for a lot of different people. But it’s also been a time for us to re-evaluate our current lives and priorities — celebrities included. Many stars have undergone serious weight loss transformations.

10 Most Inspiring Celeb Weight Loss Transformations

Sometimes, we all need some fitspo. Especially in the New Years, and especially in 2020. Luckily, some celebrities showed us the way with their inspiring weight loss transformations. With hard work, some stars accomplished serious goals in the fitness and diet department. They earned back their confidence and so can you.

15 Stars That Make Gray Hair Look Good

Some people might freak out when they see their first gray hair, but honestly, we’re obsessed with the silver fox look, on both younger and older people. It seems that many celebrities agree with that sentiment. Gray comes in so many shades, and looks completely chic and modern when styled in the right way.