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Stars Who Have Lost Weight During The Last Year


The last year represented struggles for a lot of different people. But it’s also been a time for us to re-evaluate our current lives and priorities — celebrities included. Many stars have undergone serious weight loss transformations. After all, this is the ultimate time to focus on your health and lifestyle habits, especially if you have bountiful resources in your life to do so! Here are all the stars who used their downtime to work on themselves and get fit.

1. Tiffany Haddish

It’s not like Tiffany Haddish wasn’t stunning before her weight loss, but after it, her confidence and swag are absolutely exploding. The 41-year-old turned around her lifestyle with a diet filled with vegetables and workouts every day. She’s lost a total of 40 pounds since she started dating Common last spring. Love is a helluva drug!

2. Wendy Williams

Say what you want about the controversial Wendy Williams, but this talk show host has shed quite a few pounds during the 2020. She enjoys light breakfasts like a bowl of watermelon (as shared on her social media) but does not adhere to any type of strict diet or regiment. She shared with fans: “Many are STILL thinking I’m vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc. I am no longer any of them. I eat what I want, when I want & my doctors feel it’s working for ME plus I’ve lost lots of weight during social distance.” Sounds like a dream diet, girl! 

3. Peter Facinelli

This hottie from Nurse Jackie and Vanished said that with everything being shut down, he wanted to use this time to focus on himself and get in shape as much as he could. The way he got to that sculpted bod? By cutting out takeout meals and sugar, which were making him “sluggish”, in his words. Now, he’s 30 pounds lighter and has way more energy and a leaner torso.

4. Ayesha Curry

The wife of NBA player Steph Curry is practically unrecognizable after losing 35 pounds. The cookbook author reached her goals by switching up dinner, which now always consists of protein and veggies. In her household, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus are staples, which she roasts on high heat to maximize flavor and get that coveted char.

5. Marissa Jaret Winokur

Marissa’s change wasn’t for aesthetic purposes. The actress, who has a history of asthma and cervical cancer, lost 50 pounds after being told that she was at a high-risk. After that news, she began walking much more and eating healthier to put herself in control of her body. 

6. Action Bronson


This NYC rapper isn’t just known for his hard-hitting beats and lyrics — he’s a big guy, regarded as a loveable teddy bear by man. Bronson turned that rep around and lost 127 pounds after an intense workout regiment and a strict meal plan that consisted of broccoli, chicken, and eggs. He realized he had to change his “fast, hard life” as he told Men’s Health back in 2020.

7. Rebel Wilson

Trolls will hate to hear that Rebel Wilson had a serious “Year of Health” as she called 2020. After eating 3,000 daily calories from carbs, she switched to a high protein diet and lost 40 pounds in the process. She hit her goal weight and went to the Vivamayr wellness resort in Austria to lost her “last two kilos,” This resort is where she started her weight loss journey.

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8. Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter is looking like a 10/10 nowadays. But how did she get that snatched waist? Kelly whittled herself down by 85 pounds after getting something called gastric sleeve surgery, which shrinks the size of your stomach and removes the hormone that causes addictive eating. 

9.  Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey said that although 2020 started out with a lot of drinking, she now works out in her free time instead. She started because she was bored (something we can all relate to) and is now very happy with the body she earned from breaking a sweat.

10. Adrienne Bailon

Bailon, co-host of The Real, flaunted her new bikini body back in July 2020, showing off the 20 pounds that she lost during the last year. In an IG clip, she wrote the caption: “During this time more than ever … Staying healthy is at the top of my mind!”