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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Before They Were Royals


It’s easy to see Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as these untouchable Royal creatures of beauty, but not too long ago, they were just like us. Their relationship has always been somewhat of an enigma, but as they were both regular people before they married into the Royal family, they might have more in common than they think. Here are reminders that the Royal ladies used to be just like us, and at the core, probably still are.

1. We all remember graduation day, but seeing the now regal Kate Middleton graduating from university like a normal person feels really bizarre. She and Prince William both attended St. Andrews. Kate graduated with a degree in art history, whereas her husband studied geography. The two graduated from their alma mater at the same ceremony. This is one of the most dressed down versions of Kates we’ve ever seen.

2. You would certainly never expect the Duchess of Cambridge to drive herself around, but she did so here, and looked rather happy about it! Here she is escorting herself to her own 25th birthday party in 2007. We have a feeling that her birthday parties today look pretty different.

3. The very polished Middleton is seen in a variety of fancy and very expensive hats, but rare a cowboy hat. She looks more like Crocodile Dundee here than a member of the Royal family, but the look totally suits here. Here she is at the 2005 Gatcombe Park Festival of British Eventing.

4. Kate can be seen in bold designer prints today, but only in 2008 would you have found her wearing a bold and playful cheetah print dress like this one. Still, she rocked the look with her classic breezy smile, attracting jealous stares from onlookers around her. Here, she’s at the O2 Arena for a circus show.

5. Ah, the jumbo tote bag. Every woman knows that feelings of carrying their entire lives in one bag, but today Kate has a whole team to hold her stuff for her. We can only imagine what’s in there, but it seems relatively hefty, and we’re sure that she forgets what the days of holding your own bag feels like.


6. Here, Meghan is attending the 2010 Some Kind-a Gorgeous Style and Beauty Lounge at the Chateau Marmont. She’s shopping for souvenirs and other little odds and ends, wearing a casual pink jumper and sandals. Today, she would probably attend these events as an ambassador or guest of honour instead.

7. There’s certainly a Royal code of conduct that all members need to follow, and no public displays of affection is a major part of that. But before she had to follow the rules, Megan was a a big hugger, and had lots of love to give around. This enthusiastic embrace is happening back in 2014, in New York City for the DirecTV Beach Bowl at Pier 40.

8. A glimpse of back when Meghan Markle used to give her autograph for being an actress on “Suits”. A laid-back and natural looking Meghan smiles coyly at the camera – did she know that one day she’d be signing as a coveted Duchess within the exclusive Royal family?

9. This is a photograph of Meghan captured back when she was with her ex in 2005. She still has that radiant smile, but holds a smile clutch and remains dressed down with a comfy, loose spaghetti strap dress. This looks like a Meghan from another planet, but one that we really want to be best friends with.

10. This is a very leggy and alluring Meghan when she posed as a model for “Deal or no Deal.” The Royals certainly wouldn’t allow a reality show appearance back then, especially in a cleavage-baring look like this. Today, someone else would be holding that briefcase and Markle would probably be looking much more proper.

11. Before you judge Meghan for her “Deal or no Deal” appearance, check out the scantily clad Kate modeling her gams for the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco in 2008. To be fair, it was a disco event and Kate looked stunning in her club-appropriate attire, complete with yellow short shorts, a hot pink tassel bag and a sequin top. Even though it’s from over a decade ago, this might just be our 2020 fashion inspiration.