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8 Celebs Who’ve Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Other Weight Loss Transformations


In Hollywood, there are plenty of celebs who undergo surgeries and cosmetic procedures. With the means and access to top doctors and surgeons, Hollywood elite are able to create their ideal image through all sorts of operations. From plastic surgery and face lifts, to surgeries more geared towards health like gastric sleeves — celebs have done it all. Many celebs who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery have totally changed their outward appearance, as they have been able to make some really shocking transformations. And while some went the surgery route, there are other celebs who have transformed their bodies through different procedures or by simply changing their lifestyles and diets. You may be surprised just how much these procedures and weight loss programs helped some of these stars lose weight and get into better physical shape. To learn more about the stars who made this big commitment to their health, check out these 8 celebs who used gastric sleeve surgery and other weight loss programs. 

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker went the all natural route and lost weight through exercise and changing his diet. He went on a vegetarian diet and began doing martial arts and hiking. Because of these changes he was able to lose a whopping 70 pounds, and reduced his risk of heart problems. 

Abby Lee Miller

This dance mom was known for being very active, but was still gaining a lot of weight. She underwent gastric sleeve surgery, as well as began working with a fitness instructor and a nutritionist. She was able to go from a size 24 to 16, and is in much better shape now.

Angie Stone

Another celeb who has dropped a significant amount of weight is singer Angie Stone. She was a participant on VH1’s Fitness Club, but only lost a small amount of weight — and was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. To really gain the transformation she needed for her health, she kicked up her workout routine and changed her diet, resulting in 75 pounds of weight loss. 

Lisa Lampanelli

Actress Lisa Lampenelli is one celeb in particular who used surgery to achieve her weight loss transformation. Sources say that she underwent lap-band surgery, totaling around $14,000. She lost more than 100 pounds from the surgery, and is also eating healthier and becoming more active. 

Josh Peck


Former child star of Disney show, “Josh and Drake,” Josh Peck decided as an adult to get into much better physical shape. He became very strict with his diet and adhered to a regimented workout routine. He dropped 70 pounds and has been able to build a very chiseled physique ever since. 

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is known for her breakout role in the popular series, “Glee.” She began to gain weight but was able to lose a significant amount from getting back to a healthy diet, and also improving her sleeping habits. 

Leslie Jones

Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones is known for her hilarious antics as a comedian and actor. When she’d gotten into a physical state that required her doctor to suggest weight loss, she made some changes — which led to a wonderful outward transformation. She reduced her intake of processed foods, got active, and even became a yoga instructor. 

Guy Sebastian

Australian singer and songwriter Guy Sebastian became well known as the very first winner of the singing competition Australian Idol. Later, he opened up that he struggled with his weight and depression, and decided it was time to make a change. He began eating healthier and exercising, and lost about 30 pounds in just 8 weeks.