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Tori Spelling’s Most Cringe Moments


Tori Spelling has been in the spotlight for years, and it all started with “Beverly Hills, 90210” in the 1990s. Still, she went on to make the tabloids for some interesting reasons beyond her acting. She’s also the queen of reality TV, with shows like “True Tori” to “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” on her CV. A lot of her life has happened in front of viewers, and much like the Kardashians, Spelling doesn’t care that her flaws are put on display for the world to see. Instead, she likes being authentic and having fun with it. Here are just some of the embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments that have happened over the years. 

Tori and Dean had a messy beginning

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have a rollercoaster of a relationship. From McDermott’s infidelity to the whispers of divorce rumors, there’s been no shortage of drama. They met in 2005 on a movie set and were married to others at the time, which is a red flag. She wrote about the affairs in her 2009 autobiography and recounted telling it to her then-husband. Both divorced their partners and wed in 2006.

She had to relive her husbands infidelity in detail

While many thought these two were headed on the road to divorce, they were adamant that they wanted to stay together. However, in 2013 it was revealed that Dean had an affair, and Tori had to relive that news on “True Tori” where it was revealed that the other woman told Us Weekly that Dean and Tori had a sexless marriage. McDermott’s reason was sex addiction. In 2021, they were seen without their rings but had excuses for it. 

Brian Austin Green says he never dated Tori

Well, that’s awkward. While Tori Spelling says that there was a romance between her and Green, Brian says that they just hooked up. Spelling is adamant that there was a fiery summer love and the two professed their love to each other. Brian simply responded that they are friends, and he never recalled that.

She did a pregnancy April fools day prank in poor taste

On April’s Fool, Tori Spelling did an IG post holding her stomach with the caption “No.6” but then deleted it. An admittedly weird prank, some fans congratulated her while others suspected that it was a prank. One user even called it “beyond tacky” and tori had to do damage control, saying that she did it to “turn the tables for once on the press.”

Her alter ego will urinate anywhere

Tori Spelling is the queen of TMI details, and a perfect example is when she showed up on “Kocktails With Khloe” and shared that her alter ego Teri comes out when she starts drinking, and she’ll pee anywhere, including on the table at a restaurant or in a potted plant. Well, that’s something.


Too many gross details on her familys bathroom habits

In her 2013 book “Spelling it Like it Is” she revealed that her family and her frequently share the “size, color and length” of their number twos. It seems like this family is fascinated with poop. In 2021, Spelling posted an IG story where she explained that she gifted her kids a poop-themed Elf on a Shelf, with elves covered in chocolate “poop.”

She wrote about her most intimate moments with Dean

In one of her books, Spelling shares that she and her husband make a sex tape with a portable tripod that Dean owned. Afterward, she checked her angles and let him keep it. Eventually, one of McDermott’s friends found the tape, and sharing it with others. They issued a cease and desist. Rumors followed that she was considering negotiating a deal to release another tape, but she shut them down. 

She made an interview incredibly awkward

In January 2022, it was reported that Tori Spelling owed over $38,000 in credit card debt. The company tried to have WEtv withhold some of her earnings, but it wasn’t possible since the network wasn’t her employer. In another lawsuit with CitiBank, she was ordered to pay over $5,000 for unpaid bills and then got into trouble with the IRS in 2017. The couple was hit was a tax lien of over $700,000. In an interview with “Good Day New York” the interviewer asked if she was having money troubles, and Spelling just giggled in the awkward moment.

    Left out of a tribute to her late dad

    Her late father was quite famous — Aaron spelling was the famous TV producer behind shows like “Charmed,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Hollywood took a big hit when they lost him in 2006, and while he was honored during a tribute at the Emmys. While Tori starred in her father’s show, she wasn’t mentioned in the tribute, apparently due to a feud between Tori and her mother Candy Spelling. The mother and daughter have a history of feuding, and Candy admitted in 2009 that they don’t see each other anymore.