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11 Fashion Trends That Aren’t Worth Your Money


These fashion trends aren’t so much trends as they are fads. These looks might get you a few likes on Instagram and be taking over headlines for a short amount of time, but after their appeal dwindles, you’ll be left with an outdated look that won’t last through multiple seasons. Then again, trends are cyclical, so maybe just put these looks on the back burner.

1. Anything by fast fashion brands

The queen of fads is fast fashion. People throw their money at low quality items from brands with an arsenal of IG marketing. It might be tempting to buy that cute Fashionova two-piece look for just $30, but the environmental consequences (along with the sketchy wages and sweatshop environments the clothes are produced in) make fast fashion a no-go for us.

2. Muppet fuzzy coats

Faux fur jackets will never be out of fashion, but those super colorful muppet jackets are looking a bit comical for the coming season. Instead, you can look back to vintage inspired sheepskin looks integrated with denim textures, or fur accents in collars versus all over shag.

3. 90s chokers

A lot of styles from the 1990s have been making a comeback. And while chokers had a cute return, it’s time that they go back into your jewelry box for now. Instead, try a classic thin chain or some chunky statement earrings with silver or gold detail.

4. Microbags

We’re not really sure why this trend started. It basically looks as though you’re carrying around a doll’s bag. They can’t fit tampons, meds, keys, makeup, or even a few tissues, so honestly what’s the point of this accessory? Just wear a chic belt and pair it with a bag that can actually hold things!

5. Neon tones

Maybe turn down the glow in the dark and traffic cone colored looks for something a bit more demure. Neon feels bold sometimes, but you can really only wear neon in a few specific circumstances. For work or errands, it feels like a bit much sometimes. Instead, stick with pastels and don’t waste money on the bright tones which are less versatile. Florals are also great if you wanna get a little loud.

6. Stuff utility jumpsuits


Ok, tons of girls do manage to look super cool in this look. But these jumpsuits are often overpriced, and made of way too much fabric. They’re uncomfortable and heavy to wear —- when made of denim, the stiffness can feel unbearable. Also, if you have to use a public washroom, it’s kind of gross and not practical at all. Don’t waste all your money on one!

7. One-time looks

When you don’t have anything to wear for New Years Eve or some other occasion, it’s tempting to go out and get something sparkly and dazzling. But those looks are usually rarely worn less than twice a year, so instead, opt for a versatile and high quality LBD, or another look that can be layered for a range of formal and casual contexts.

8. See through plastic shoes and dad sneakers

Overly chunky sneakers and chafing plastic shoes are the worst fads that can hurt your feet and feel heavy to carry around. IG is definitely a big reason why these terrible trends even came to be in the first place, and will always go out of style every few months.

9. Capes

It’s better if we let Wonder Woman and the other superheroes do their things with capes, because in real life, they never seem practical. They do look rather eye-catching if you can pull them off, and there’s no shortage of capes out there in the fashion world, but many don’t know how to wear it in a complete outfit, and true style is all about what the whole ensemble looks like.

10. Leather accessories

Genuine leather, especially when its vintage) can be a lovely touch to outfits. But don’t overdo it – vegan leather is more sustainable, and much cheaper. The newer fabrications made to create a faux leather feel are much more advanced than the plasticky old ones used to be.

11. Busy tie dye looks

This look was so popular this year, with many celebrities rocking the look as well and inspiring the public. Jehne Aiko and Big Sean’s adorable matching moment, anybody? It might sound like a good addition to your capsule wardrobe in theory, but the bright and busy nature of tie dye clashes with other looks. Instead, use an old pair of sweatpants or an old white tee and try tie-dying them pastel, grey or neutral tones.