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6 Fashion Items That Are Extremely Uncomfortable in Real Life


Many people say pain is beauty — and while it may be true, some really cool fashion items that have become popular definitely take this saying to the next level. Various trends in fashion history have taken many directions, some better than others. Taking a look back at some of the strangest things we all did in the name of fashion and beauty might be more surprising than you remember. Here are 6 fashion items that are extremely uncomfortable in real life.


Corsets have been making women extremely uncomfortable for centuries now. While they may achieve the slim waist look that is so coveted by many women, these contraptions are so grueling that one can barely breathe while wearing one.


These eclectic necklaces have gone in and out of style in the last couple of decades — but they have always been super restraining. Chokers are named for their tight nature and are so restrictive that they can actually affect the blood flow in your neck. Even though these necklaces are strangely bondage like and discomforting, they just keep resurging in fashion trends again and again.


It seems that the most glamorous fashion styles are the most uncomfortable, and sequins fall right in line with this trend. Sequins on bare skin have a very itchy effect and make for a very uncomfortable evening on the red carpet or night out on the town.



High heels are now one of the most iconic and timeless pieces of fashion ever. They are the perfect complimentary item, and can really dress up any outfit. There are very few women who have not experienced the pain of wearing heels at least a few times in their lives. As chic and stylish as they are, heels will always pose a potential threat to all things comfy and grounded. The right set of high heels can really set off an outfit, or offset your entire spinal alignment.

Low-waisted jeans

Low-waisted jeans used to be all the rave, from celebrities to everyday fashionistas to teens and adults everywhere. At the time, this trend may have seemed super hip, but these jeans were actually really uncomfortable and actually probably no help to your internal organs. Such a low waistline also made it pretty inevitable that you would flash someone at some point during the day, while sitting or bending over.

Tie up sandals

These shoes may have had their moment in the spotlight, but anyone who has worn or still wears them can agree that they are a major pain. Having to wrap and strap laces up your leg every time you wear a shoe is such a hassle — is it even worth it by the time you finish lacing up your entire leg? What’s worse is that these laces are so tight and restricting on your calves and ankles, that blood flow obstruction is almost unavoidable.