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7 of the Best Outfits From Euphoria Season One


If you’ve heard of HBO’s new show Euphoria, chances are you’ve already started binge-watching it nonstop. This show brings together Hollywood heavy hitters and newcomers on the same screen,  like Zendaya and Hunter Schafer, respectively. Not to mention, the series is produced by entertainment powerhouse and rapper Drake. There is definitely no lack in talent with this show–and the content and storyline isn’t too bad either, which covers topics like gender identity and drug addiction. But, what many already super fans of Euphoria loved about the series is the fashion. Interesting characters tackling difficult topics all while in daring style is one of the fascinating reasons to watch this show, and look forward for more Euphoria to come. In case you can’t wait until the next season to recap the first, here is a look back at the 7 best outfits from season one of Euphoria. 

Rue and Jule’s Jammies

The pilot episode revealed just how close Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer) are as friends. One of those poignant moments in this episode is the sleepover scene, where one is seen in a silky pajama set and the other in a flowery croptop graphic sleep shirt. 

Rue’s Detective Bennett Get Up

Zendaya served up a hot dish of sexy sleuth vibes in episode 7. In her look as Detective Bennett, she paired brown utility pants with suspenders, complete with badge and a set of handcuffs with accompanying cuff holster. 

Cassie’s Ice Skating Style

Cassie’s character is a bit more understated than the other characters on the show. She is not very flashy or overly flamboyant in her fashion choices. But in the same scene as her abortion procedure, she is then shown in an extravagant costume while skating at an ice rink. The costume is adorned with sequins and peacock feathers and looks beautifully weightless and magical. 


Maddie’s Never-Ending Supply of Gorgeous Two Pieces

One of the most prevalent recurring staples in Euphoria is Maddy’s two-piece sets. She is notorious for her seemingly innate ability to sport an adorable two-piece in almost any scene or situation. Her fashion sense is playful and feminine and always communicates that she is in control of her body and physicality. 

Jules’ Multicolored Fashion Statement

Jules lit up the screen with her multicolored outfit. This scene was a defining look for her character and is perfectly juxtaposed with the series take on toxic masculinity. Her technicolor outfit was a matching sheer set accompanied by daringly spikey colorful eyelashes. 

The Evolution of Kat’s Fashion Style

As the show progressed, so did all the characters. One of the biggest markers of a character’s evolution was the changes Kat went through with fashion. She transformed from a girl next door type to a grungy, bold woman, complete with chains and harnesses that gave serious dominatrix vibes.

The Cast’s Halloween Costumes

One of the highlights of the entire season was the Halloween costumes of the entire cast. They were all befitting of each character, ranging from Bob Ross to Juliet costumes. It was a wonderful culmination of the series and representation of how each character had grown and progressed.