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10 Health and Wellness Products You Need in Your Life


Getting spa treatments and spending money on expensive products isn’t the only way to pay attention to your health and wellness. 2022 has been a stressful year, and luckily there are some affordable products that can help you feel healthier, more centered, and overall better. From supplements to skincare and accessories, here are the top 10 health and wellness product you need in your life. 

1. A weighted blanket

While it’s not technically a health product, weighted blankets can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Since mental health is a major part of our health, we’d say that’s a major win. It’s been described as a comforting hug by some, and this relaxing DIY tactic is a lot more affordable than a massage. This one has a cozy sherpa and flannel texture that’s perfect for Netflix nights. 

2. A Relaxing Drink to Help You Sleep

Melatonin doesn’t work for everyone, and for those who would prefer to stay off sleep medications, sleepy  tea is a game-changer. This nighttime drink blends tons of sleepy herbs like valerian, passion flower and chamomile. Sold in a powder format, buyers can add water or milk to make a delicious chai-like beverage that will lull you right to sleep. The brand also has a daytime version that can replace your morning coffee/tea.

3. Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Whether you frequently get migraines or are just looking for a cheaper, at-home way to feel like you’re at a spa, this gel eye mask with eye holes is cheaper than any eye cream and can target puffiness and dark circles. An upgraded version of cucumber slices on the eyes, this is a must-have for the headache prone. 

4. Probiotic soft chew

If you don’t like taking your vitamins in pill form, then you’ll love probiotic soft chews which help promote better digestive health and healthier gut flora. It’ll feel like you’re having a little daily indulgence, but in reality, you’re just prioritizing your health and putting a focus on self-care. These ones come in a decadent berry flavor and are vegan.

5. Foam roller

We don’t stretch as much as we should, and we carry around a lot of tightness due to that. Whether you have a sore back or tight hip flexors, a foam roller like this one can help you relax, reducing tension and preventing potential injuries. It also costs less than getting a massage, but basically feels like you’re giving yourself one. 

6. An instant green drink


This drink is essentially an instant green smoothie on the go – little fizzy tablets that dissolve in water are packed with essentials like chlorella, kale, spinach, algae and spirulina. Even with all those green ingredients, it doesn’t taste like salad. Instead, it’s available in delicious flavors like peach, melon, lemon-lime and blood orange. Feel your best and get the nutrition you need without having a fridge full of expensive vegetables. Self-care at its finest.

7. An ice roller

Gua sha stones aren’t relaxing for everyone, but most will find enjoyment and experience the benefits of using an ice roller. Just pop this bad boy on your skin and watch it reduce swelling and puffiness. It can calm the skin down while relieving fatigue and reducing inflammation. Use after cleansing skin. It’s made with a soft gel that freezes quickly – just freeze for 10-15 minutes before using it for benefits.

8. An air purifier

While it is a little more expensive than our other wellness solutions, if you live in a city chances are that pollution levels around you are high. In 2022, they’re only getting worse, and an air purifier in your home can help ensure that no harmful bacteria or allergens are present in the air. It keeps your home hygienic and reduces the chances of getting skin issues, allergies or respiratory problems from poor air quality.

9. A collagen powder

Collagen is integral for healthy skin, bones, nails and joints. It easily dissolves in a drink of your choice, like coffee or a smoothie. Just one or two scoops daily can make a huge difference. Whether you’re in your 20s or post-menopausal, the reviews are proof that people see life-changing results – and that this powder dissolves better than other brands. 

10. Purple Seat Cushion

If you sit for a decent portion of the day while you work, a good seat cushion is essential, whether your rear is on the sofa or an office chair. Otherwise, you can get lower back pain, tailbone issues, and a numb bottom, ultimately causing nerve damage and sciatica in the long run. This innovative gel cushion from Purple provides support while remaining soft on pressure points.