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8 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the biggest diseases of the modern humanity, while stress has become an everyday companion for millions of people all over the world. Why is that? The fast-paced life we’ve built for ourselves demands our full attention and puts so much pressure on us that we become overloaded with the things we need to do, people to see, and places to visit. We forget that true happiness lies in the moments of stillness, peace, and quiet that is not conditioned by the outside world. Want to remember how it is to feel happy and relaxed being with your own self? Here are 8 easy ways to get rid of stress and anxiety right now.

Breathe deeply

The easiest way to get back to the here and now is to simply breathe. Sit, relax, turn off all your gadgets and news, open the windows for some fresh air, and inhale slowly and deeply. You can put a hand on your abdomen to get deeper into this process. Exhale, relaxing as much as possible. Focus all the attention on your breath, try to slow it down as much as feels comfortable. It is the easiest and fastest way to calm yourself down and let go of negative emotions. Deep breathing lowers your heart rate in a natural way, bringing peace to your mind.

Listen to nature

Even if you live in the midst of the city jungle or can’t go out due to various reasons, there are different ways you can still enjoy the calming effect of Mother Nature. If you need beautiful visual to create the feeling of being out, download some nature videos and spend some time watching them without interruption. Another way is to find some nature sounds (YouTube has it all), sit comfortably, and let them take you on a journey to the forests, meadows, mountains, rainy jungles, and gorgeous vistas. Research shows that people who live close to nature have longer lifespans, better health, and calmer minds compared to people living in the city. Your anxiety will go away instantly!

Unplug from social media

In times of stress and anxiety it’s most important to unplug from social media and reduce the flow of information. Most of the time we get anxiety watching news, reading about other people’s lives, situations, and world problems. You get emotionally involved into things you can’t really influence (unless you’re planning to take some serious action), but stress and anxiety keep building up, and the only way you can help yourself is stop that flow. If someone is living a seemingly better life than you – be happy for them, and if someone is creating only negativity in your feed – say goodbye to those people. This is the type of informational hygiene that will make you a happier person in general.


You don’t need to start an online course with a gym enthusiast to feel better about yourself, but a little exercise is necessary to remind you about your body and its needs. Regular exercises not only make you more confident about your body, but they also promote healthy sleep and improve your mood greatly. Workout helps your body release endorphins, which instantly boost your mood and wellbeing. Exercising regularly also reduces levels of stress hormone cortisol. Sleep will become much better, too!


Try aromatherapy

Essential oils are known to have various medicinal qualities – some of them have a powerful calming effect and can considerably reduce anxiety levels. Lavender, neroli, and sandalwood have cleansing properties and will make your room feel airy and fresh, while oils like rose, ylang-ylang, geranium, and frankincense will pacify your mind and add a sweet aroma to your space. You can put a few drops into a special aroma lamp or just use a candle. The heat of the candle will make the aroma spread all over the place!

Laugh more

If you feel like exercising and moving around doesn’t help you much, then try laughing out loud. Yes, you can do it just like that –a wave of laughter will take you over even if you don’t feel much amused at the moment. Watch your favourite sitcoms and comedies, and binge-watch them until your tummy starts hurting from laughter. This is the best anti-stress remedy as it immediately boosts your endorphins and makes you feel better about everything.

Reach out to your friends

Various studies show that spending time with friends and family is essential to your wellbeing. We are, indeed, social creatures, and being alone when you feel down is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Even talking to your besties will relieve some of the stress, especially when you pour your heart out about what bothers you. Listening to your friends and family members shifts your focus from yourself to their lives, problems, and happy moments. All this helps your body produce more oxytocin, which is responsible for relieving stress. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Meditation is one of the most powerful calming techniques that increase mindfulness and the feeling of being present in the moment. It takes you back to yourself, your body, your surroundings, and your mood. You can observe everything that is happening to you in the now. You get less worried about what’s to come and don’t care about the past that is already gone. Meditation techniques vary and you can choose the one that suits you best – listen to calming music, focus on your breathing, light a candle and look at it till your mind calms down, or simply observe the view from your window. The trick is to stop yourself from worrying and just to enjoy being here and now.