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7 Things to Avoid During Break Up


While they are one of the hardest things to go through, breakups are a vital part of life. When your time with a person has come to an end, it is so essential to find a way to end the relationship. It can be hard to move on, but staying longer than you need to can have very serious consequences. But what is the best way to go through a break up? Learning how to maneuver a break up can ensure that there is as little collateral damage as possible — to you and to the other person involved. Following a few simple rules can help you get through this emotionally sensitive time. Are you ready to get through this break up, or one to come, as smoothly as possible? Here are 7 things to avoid during a break up.

Don’t make huge decisions

A breakup can cause a huge influx of emotions. And because of this, logic may be a little less than accessible to you during this time. Heightened emotions and decreased logic can be a breeding ground for poor decision making. Hold off on getting that tattoo, buying that new car, or cutting off all your hair. Give it a few days, or weeks, and see if you still feel the same way.

Don’t stalk your new or upcoming ex

It really is important to get some space from your former partner while you’re in the midst of a breakup. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but during a break up, absence needs to make the heart grow indifferent. Stalking your ex is only going to encourage you to fixate on them and the problem. This behavior will not be good for your overall mental health. 

Don’t be stagnant

Another way to control your mental state during this time is to not wallow in defeat or agony. Get out of your house and off of your phone. Go see some friends. Go to the gym and focus on your physical wellness to relieve some of your mental stress or sadness. Whatever you do, don’t become stagnant or stop investing positive energy into yourself. 

Don’t let negative commentary weigh you down

Managing who is around you during this time is vital in ensuring you have a good outlook on your breakup. Some friends and family will be able to give you the encouragement to move forward, while some may not. If you know that this breakup is hard, but a necessary step in your life, it is probably not best to hang around friends or associates who might persuade you to take your partner back or cave on your decision.


Don’t keep reminders of your relationship everywhere

What you see can play a huge part in your mood. If everywhere you turn in your home, you see magnets, pictures and keepsakes that remind you of your relationship, this breakup is only going to get harder. While you are giving yourself an internal overhaul, do the same for your space. Put away or throw away — our choice — all the mementos of your relationship so that you don’t drown yourself in the memories. 

Don’t eat poorly

Your diet has a huge impact on how you physically feel. If you already feel crappy emotionally, again, it is important to put your physical health in the best possible position. You don`t want to add to the misery of the break up by having stomach cramps or feelings of fatigue based on diet. Eating healthy foods can give you energy and positivity to power through this tough time. 

Don’t turn to your vices

Having a couple of drinks to numb the pain with your friends can be beneficial initially. But if you have a tendency to overindulge your vices during emotionally difficult times, be careful. Watch your habits during the break up, because a few instances of taking a load off in whatever vice that may be for you, can quickly turn into a bad habit and unhealthy coping mechanism. Find positive ways to take your mind off of the pain of a break up, like playing a sport, painting, traveling or other hobbies and interests.