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9 Absolute Don’ts When You Have a Crush on Someone


Having a crush is a crazy thing — it gives you butterflies and is just as exciting as it is terrifying. A lot of us act irrationally or inappropriately when we have a crush without even realizing it. Some of these things might jeopardize how the relationship turns out. Here are the top things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush on someone. 

1. Stalk him

We all do a good social media stalk once in a while, but there’s a difference between lurking on his Instagram or Facebook and actually stalking him in person. Besides being illegal, stalking a guy gives off clingy and needy vibes which you definitely don’t want to do. 

2. Talk poorly of his girlfriends or his exes 

Regardless of whether they’re his current or ex-flame, it’s never cool to bash another woman. Even if he has resentment towards her, it doesn’t reflect well on yourself and your sense of integrity. If he’s currently dating someone, don’t blame her! It’s not her fault — she just has the same taste in men. Even if he’s flirting with you and sending mixed messages while in a relationship, that’s not her fault — it’s his! So don’t blame her for feeling rejected.

3. Hypersexualize him

Just like women don’t appreciate being ogled and having their bodies talked about like objects. It’ll make him feel awkward and uncomfortable if you publicly go on and on about his abs, his booty, and all the naughty things you want to do to him. Sure, you can chat with your friends about that stuff, but keep in on the DL to avoid starting rumors or having someone post it online. 

4. Being too persistent after rejection

If he turns you down, accept it graciously and move on to the next person who appreciates you for who you are. If you keep asking him out, again and again, it’s not just rude, it’s straight-up pushy and sometimes even creepy. Instead of harassing a guy who has made how he feels clear, find someone else! There’s plenty of fish in the sea. 

5. Base your whole life around him

Having an independent life and your own interests are essential in a relationship. If you act like the world is revolving around your crush, then your whole world might come crashing down the second things go wrong. No matter how amazing the guy is, he’s not worth wasting all your time on. Studying, playing your favorite sport, or focusing on your own interests are more important, and they’ll also make you more interesting to potential suitors.


6. Believe that he’s too good for you

Low self-esteem is a bummer, but it affects the best of us. Rather than criticizing yourself, remind yourself of all the great things about you. No matter your looks, confidence is huge when it comes to attracting guys or girls. If he did turn you down, don’t make a list of all the reasons he might not like you — instead, make a list of the reasons he’s ridiculous for turning a babe like you down.

7. Try to make him jealous

This is just one form of playing games, and we recommend not doing that at all when it comes to potential romantic partners. It’s manipulative and childish. Don’t talk about other guys around the one you’re interested in, and don’t try to flirt or hook up with others at parties to make him jealous. Instead, go the mature route and pursue one dude at a time. 

8. Don’t over-text and be awkward in person

When you’re hiding behind a screen, it’s a lot easier to speak your mind and be courageous with that swoon-worthy guy you have a thing for. But if you avoid him in face-to-face situations, even if it’s just because you’re anxious or nervous it could give off the wrong signals. He might even think that you’re embarrassed to be seen with him. Instead, try to keep your cool and just smile or use another form of body language to indicate interest.

9. Pretend to be someone else

Being yourself is the most important key when getting a crush to notice you. After all, you want them to like you for who your authentic self is, not who you’re trying to come off as or who you think he wants you to be. If he really does like you, it’s destined to be! Plus, being yourself and owning who you are is extremely sexy for guys.