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Love&Relationship Horoscope 2020: What’s In Store For You In The New Year


Is this the year you and your significant other create an even more special bond or will 2020 be the year when you finally learn how to enjoy being single? It’s different for each Zodiac sign! Yet, thanks to Neptune hanging out in Pisces for the most part of the year, all of you gorgeous people will be seeking for something deeper and more meaningful whether you are single or already in a relationship. Mercury will go retrograde three times and it is the perfect time for self-reflection. Be careful of old flames showing up in your life! Here’s what’s waiting for you in 2020 according to your Zodiac sign.


Aries will look for a deeper connection in 2020. The already existing relationships will get a new start, while new ones won’t be rushed. It is time you really got to know the other person better and explore each other’s vulnerable sides. Starting from July 22, Sun will give you the necessary energy to get together with new people and shine bright like a diamond while communicating with them.


This year you will be drawn to responsible, grounded people due to the influence of Pluto that rules over love and relationships. It is likely that you will seek to take your relationship to the next level through marriage, building a family, or moving in together. If you’re single, it’s time to learn how to be comfortable on your own, so when the love of your life appears on the horizon, you greet it with a smile and not fears or hunger for attention.


You need to let go of things, especially when Mercury goes all retrograde starting from February 16. You will be drawn to a more serious type of romance and older, grounded partner who knows what he wants in life. Existing relationships might require some extra maintenance and work to spice things up a little.


It will be a light and inspiring year for Cancers. You’ll want to fully explore your flirty and playful side, which can lead to exciting new dating experiences. The bond with your existing partner will become deeper and you’ll be able to understand each other without words. If you’re already in a relationship, you might feel the urge to take things to the next level.


Leos make people feel safe and that is exactly what will be drawing new partners to you. Just like you they will be seeking stability and certainty in their relationships. If you already have a partner this will be the time to work on the spiritual aspect of your relationship. This is the time for inner growth and contemplation. If you have someone you like, but you don’t know when is the right time to make a move, end of November is your best bet as the Sun will enhance your charisma and give energy to dazzle and enchant your love interest.


You are attracted to spiritually enlightened people who seek the higher truth and are not afraid to look deep within. This is true for all Virgos this year, no matter whether they are single or already have a significant other. You’ll become more inventive within your existing relationship and there will be times when you’ll need to let things go and just lean on your partner a bit more when tough times arrive.



Libras will start the year with optimism and a positive vibe. You’ll be going smoothly through all the ups and downs of the year and might feel like it’s time to settle down somewhere finally. Libras with partners will be inspired to plan for the future together, while single Libras will seek out new ways to meet exciting people with bold ideas and daring personalities.


Scorpios are ready to add some stability to their emotional lives, taking their relationship to the next level with friends and family. You’ll have no problem with communication this year – your wit and humour will shine especially brightly. Don’t forget to speak out when you’re concerned about something or there are some unattended issues. This is the time to tweak your relationship and get rid of all unnecessary and harmful things.


This the best time for Sagittariuses to set some healthy boundaries that will protect their gentle hearts. 2020 is the year ideal for spiritual work – both you and your partner can join your efforts on the spiritual path and work together. Stir things up a little with a carefully planned vacation to a breathtaking place.


Capricorns speak their own love-language, which means they often need to stop and help others understand what they’re going through. This year’s six eclipses will create some powerful energy for deep self-realizations. You’ll be drawn to helping others and a more altruistic lifestyle in general. You future partner should have the same mindset, and if you are already in a relationship make sure you talk about your needs with your partner and you try something together (like volunteering).


Aquariuses are naturally independent and are known to set their own course. That’s why they attract people who seek direction in life or some kind of stability. Numerous Lunar eclipses throughout the year will present opportunities to work with your emotions. You will also get new ideas on how to restore balance in your love life if it’s experiencing some issues now. End of May is the perfect time to reconnect with people or experiment with your existing relationship.


You are entering a period of intense self-growth this year, so it is crucial to set healthy boundaries that will allow you grow and prosper. It’s time to get some clarity into your relationship – for the sake of you and your partner who might have some different expectations. It’s time to accept yourself fully and work on your physicality that often gets neglected. Look into yoga, running, exercises, and a more active lifestyle.