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7 Things to Be Honest and Upfront With Every Time


Although there are some things that we reveal slowly over the course of a relationship, there are certain things that you need to be honest and upfront about. It’s not ok to deceive someone you’re romantically interested in, even if you want to make a good first impression. Read more to see all the things that you need to be 100% truthful about with other people.

1.Who the authentic “you” is

Tempting as it is to want to be someone else for a while, you’re stuck being you for quite a while in this lifetime, and this is not an area where you should fake it ‘till you make it. It doesn’t feel great to find out that you’ve been misled or deceived by others, and the bare minimum that we deserve as human beings is to truly know someone that we’ve let into our lives.

2. Intentions

Ulterior motives and hidden intentions can make people feel lied to, used or taken advantage of. Misleading others is a form of lying, as is deception. Being honest about your intentions is important, especially when other people are involved or affected.

3. Values that are important to you

We all know not to talk about politics or other controversial things in some relationships, however, knowing the other person’s values is vital. Values are things that are important to us, and whether it’s being communicated to a friend or a romantic partner, it lets other people know to be respectful of those values in the future. Don’t keep your values a secret!

4. Your feelings

It’s not easy to express emotions or tell others how you feel all the time. Still, it’s a good habit to get into (sometimes, that is) since it prevents feelings from bottling up and exploding at a later date. Emotions are valid and they require a release. Oftentimes, that means talking to the other person. Doing so can really take a weight off your shoulders. 


5. Your happiness

Sometimes, we keep our lips sealed when we’re unhappy because we’re worried about being perceived as high maintenance or difficult. No one can guess what you’re not happy about, so be sure to speak up about whether you’re feeling disrespected or your happiness is being affected by someone else in a way that’s avoidable. 

6. Requiring help

There’s no shame in needing help, but the first step is asking for it. Whether it’s something big or just a teeny problem, remember there’s no need to be scared or embarrassed. Who knows? The person that you expect the least from might end up providing you with the dire help you need. 

7. Insecurities that you have

As great as confidence is, we all have our insecurities. But the whole point of friendships and romantic relationships is to provide support to the other person. When there’s not enough self-love in the world, someone close to you can remind you how amazing you really are. Just hearing those words can make you feel better and help you minimize those insecurities over time until you finally believe what they’re saving about you.