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Here’s Why Dating Less Attractive Men Is Proven To Make You Happier


There’s nothing like a hunky man walking down the street to make you do a double-take or a perfectly chiseled jaw that makes you swipe right on Bumble. But the reality is, dating a guy that’s not conventionally attractive can have its perks as well. Back in high school, girls would often seek out the hot, popular guy, but as you’ve gotten older, you may have started to realize that finding someone genuine who really appreciates you for who you are is more important. Look around the room — there might even be one with eyes for you! Here are all the reasons why dating less conventionally attractive men can directly increase your happiness.

1.They’re not as hard to approach

Someone that looks straight out of a magazine spread isn’t exactly the easiest to approach.  Beauty is power, and some men panic when they see a stunning girl and are worried they’re out of her league. A woman instead makes plans on how to approach a good-looking man so that she’s not just another notch on his belt. Beauty really can add to discomfort when it comes to approaching somebody, but average-looking people are a lot easier and less intimidating to approach.

2. They’ll treat you like a queen

Since attractive people are used to floating through the world like they’re royalty, someone that doesn’t take their looks for granted will probably treat you better. Less good-looking guys will lavish you with love and appreciation, making you smile and laugh when you’re feeling low. Why? Because you’re a true diamond in the rough for them. An attractive guy, on the other hand, will probably get annoyed that the situation isn’t about them.

3. There’s less pressure

Indeed, you don’t feel as much pressure when in a relationship with less traditionally good-looking husbands. Some studies even find that women married to more attractive men were more likely to develop low self-esteem and eating disorders, feeling guilty after eating and constantly being worried about gaining weight. Ultimately, a woman married to an incredibly handsome husband doesn’t want to fall short of their hubby’s expectations. 


4. A less hunky man will actually do chores

Since they haven’t been walking through life with the same privilege as the more attractive suitors out there, they’ll legitimately put in the effort and do chores at home. they’re also more likely to show random acts of kindness and gift presents more frequently. Would you rather have a lazy supermodel for a husband or a guy that’s still cute but also vacuums and does dishes?

5. They appreciate the relationship more

The undercover cuties tend to value the relationship more, which makes sense since attractive people always have an abundance of options to choose from. Based on what some psychologists say, less handsome men have fewer opportunities for flings and one-night stands. Therefore, the most viable option for them is to find a long-term partner and invest all the time and effort in that relationship, which works out for the woman!