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7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work 

As popular as many diets are, they don’t always have the lasting effects people hope for. After you try over and over again without getting results, it can be disheartening.

12 Best Post-Workout Foods

A tough workout means you need proper nutrition afterwards — after all, your muscle glycogen needs to be replenished, since it’s depleted during exercise.

11 Fun Ways to Burn Calories

Many people love to exercise and get fit during the summer. But that doesn’t mean we have to just take the typical strides to get in shape.

The Autumn Diet: 8 Healthy Eating Tips for Fall

With Autumn in full spring, it’s the perfect time to jump start your healthier eating. As we transition into cooler weather, your diet could use a transition as well. Fall and winter are typically seasons of decadence and over-indulgence with the celebration of holidays and family gatherings. But this fall doesn’t have to ruin your health or weight loss goals. If you utilize a few tips throughout this season, you can indulge to your heart and stomach’s desire when the holidays roll around.