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Shiloh Jolie Pitt is Growing Up So Fast 


It seems like just yesterday that little Shiloh was just an infant in the arms of her mother Angelina Jolie. Shiloh was the couple’s first birth child born in 2006, but they already had two kids that were adopted: Maddox, who is Cambodian, and Zahara, who has an Ethiopian background. A year after Shiloh’s birth, Angie and Brad adopted Pax, who’s from Vietnam. Then, before the couple ultimately divorced, they had twins Vivienne and Knox. We were all heartbroken to know that Brangelina was no more, and people were wondering just what happened to the rest of the Jolie-Pitts. If you’ve ever been curious about Shiloh, here’s everything you need to know.

Angie’s first biological kid

She was the first child of the Jolie-Pitt clan to share genetics with both of her beautiful parents, and her sense of style has always been effortless yet eccentric. The older she gets, the more mysterious and striking she becomes. She’s always one to stand out — perhaps you remember the tabloids being stuck in a multi-million dollar bidding war over publishing rights to her baby pictures, but today, she’s slowly blossoming into an adult and discovering her own sense of identity.

Baby photos for a staggering price 

Her debut was in “PEOPLE” Magazine in June 2006. Shiloh’s official pictures were also published in “Hello!”, but “People” paid a jaw-dropping $4.1 million for the images. Evidently, the Jolie-Pitts donated those funds to charity. 

It all started in Africa

Shiloh was born in Namibia, Africa. She was delivered there due to her parents’ very deliberate choice to avoid the paparazzi. At this time, there was a major amount of security surrounding both the hotel and the paps. Angie and Brand even disallowed visas to foreign journalists unless Jolie and Pitt gave written authorization. Shiloh’s birth necessitated a c-section, but the hospital Angie went to didn’t have an ultrasound machine.

A mini Angie

Shiloh’s personality is described as playful and said that she was very verbal early on, giving signs of a performer. Jolie once stated she had a similar “goofy” vibe as a kid. While being a grownup did mean she lost a bit of that childlike wonder, having kids brought back the lighthearted innocence she once knew at a young age.

Shiloh’s moniker “John”, and exploring gender identity

This child has always expressed herself from a young age, and her parents have supported that. She only wanted to be called John at the age of two, and her dad said it was a “Peter Pan” thing. In 2010, she fully came into her tomboy style, cutting her hair and wearing boys’ clothing according to her parents. Her mom once said that she thinks she’s “one of the brothers” and wore a suit and tie to the premiere of the movie “Unbroken.”


A role in “Maleficent”? No thanks

While many kids would jump at the chance of fame, Shiloh rejected a chance to be in “Maleficent.” Her three siblings each had roles in the 2014 hit, but Shiloh thought it was a ridiculous thing to be asked of because she would have to wear a dress. When approached about playing an older Aurora, she had another character in mind, stating that she would be a man named Marcus, who “has horns and a bow and an arrow.”

She’s just your average kid

Even though she’s grown up a lot and is boldly exploring her different styles and identities, she’s just a normal kid at the end of the day. For instance, there was that time when TMZ caught her and her mother buying an 8-foot tall teddy bear from kids on the side of the road in California back in 2017. 

She’s best friends with Millie Bobby Brown 

They’re bold, edgy and extremely cool, so we can see how Millie and Shiloh would become good friends. Shiloh and her sister Zahara both regularly spend time with Millie, and they were photographed getting food together back in 2019. As this awesome squad grows older, we’re sure they’re going to conquer the world.

Shiloh is an activist, just like Angelina 

Several years ago, Shiloh traveled with her mother to Lebanon and Turkey, where they embarked on a humanitarian adventure. While in Lebanon, they met a 12-year-old Syrian girl named Hala. Hala had actually met Jolie a year prior and when Shiloh found out, insisted upon spending time with Hala and her family. 

A spitting image of Brad

Brad Pitt has got some seriously powerful genes — Shiloh’s blue-eyed, blond-haired look with an extra dose of pouty lips simply screams Brad. To put it simply, they’re twinning. Although Angie and Brad’s children also have a resemblance to Pitt, Shiloh really embodies those late 90 vibes like her dad did back in the day.