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The Ultimate Guide to the Winter/Fall 2022 Fashion Trends


Since we lost the past couple of chances to flex our fashion sense during COVID, now that most people are vaccinated, we can finally show off our best looks again. That means that rather than your usual low-key looks, you might be seeing cheerier-than-expected hues and prints as a celebration of finally connecting socially again.

Pandemic or not, even though cold weather always makes us miss the sunny beach days of the summer, at least we can look forward to these fall and winter fashion trends that have potential to go viral.

1. Bright sweaters

Don’t be scared to try a sweater with psychedelic color swirls or strategic color-blocking. When combined with winter-inspired fabrics like cashmere, wool, and thicker knits. When combined with other classic neutrals, it’s a pop of color that will earn you stares — the good kind.

2. Flowers, but make it winter

No longer do you have to retire your floral prints when the jackets come out. However, you might want to consider darker and moodier florals, or bright flowers on a dark background. Anything with roses is also a go, since crimson is swoon-worthy when coordinating with the changing leaves.

3. Leather jackets with flair

Yes, we know, this is the most classic cold weather transition piece that’s on everybody’s list. But we’re not talking about your everyday Moto jacket. Instead, consider ones with cropped silhouette, billowed sleeves, ruffles, and fringes. There are even a few peplum options to show off that snatched waist.

4. Swap the LBD for something brighter

We’re celebrating getting our social lives back, so why go with the same old boring black dress that everyone will expect? Instead, consider wearing a black or understated coat, with a neon minidress underneath, in everything from sequin to leather.

5. Oversized outerwear

Switch the slim fit parka for something a little more comfortable this year. You can opt for an oversized shearling jacket, bomber, windbreaker, or a more athleisure inspired piece. Even if the material is light, this larger silhouette allows you to layer more sweaters, so it’s a win-win.

6. Sweater vests

Stop making fun of your dad for rocking sweater-vests, because they’re about to make a huge comeback as indicated by fashionistas all over the world. Think detail and texture — you can wear one as a shirt, with nothing underneath, or layer over shirt-dresses, a button-down style, or even a long-sleeved shirt.

7. Hints of midriff


We don’t want you to catch a chill by revealing too much midriff, but you can still incorporate a little skin by leaving some space between a maxi or midi skirt and a coordinating top. By layering up with sweaters or choosing warmer materials in your shirt/skirt set, you can be a little revealing without shivering.

8. Printed pants and tight

Plain skinny jeans are so last summer — this season, it’s all about tailored checkerboard, animal print, and florals in a heavier fabric like denim or corduroy. Feel free to clash prints, as that’s another 2022 fall/winter trend, but you can never go wrong when pairing with a neutral or black sweater on top.

9. Textured/fabric handbags

No matter what size of bag you like, you’ll be trending if you wear one with a puffy or quilted look. Textured handbags, like woven or ruched leather clutches, will also be having a major moment, but low-maintenance, puffed-up fabric handbags that look like a winter jacket might just get you trending on IG.

10. Relaxed suits

Oversized menswear inspired suits on women are oh so sexy, and this season, you’ll find them with boxy or slouchy blazers, wide-legged pants, and maybe nothing underneath. They also go great with a bandeau, lingerie inspired piece, and a form-fitting crop top, so your body isn’t lost in the larger silhouette.

11. Cableknit

You can wear this material in a garment we touched on earlier — the sweater vest. Cable-knit is perfectly cozy but also a little preppy — rather than wearing it in traditional silhouettes like a sweater, you can also consider rocking it as a miniskirt, or as a longer sweater dress with thigh-high boots.

12. Swap your whites for browns

Instead of looking like the Snow Queen this winter with light-toned monochromatic looks, switch those creams and whites to brown. Brown fur, brown trench coats, and different kinds of shearling jackets can be incorporated in your outerwear, while you can also turn different variations of the shade in turtlenecks, micro mini skirts, and tights.