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Zodiac Signs That Are Afraid of Love


1. Taurus

Once a Taurus is settled in a relationship, they want things to always remain the same. They resist change (including a breakup) and that stubbornness can sometimes backfire. A Taurus always believes in love, but can never approach it with fearlessness. It takes them a long time to get over anyone.

2. Capricorn

This sign often dwells on the past and what could have been. They’ll beat themselves up after a breakup, and think of all the things they could have done differently throughout the course of the relationship. It takes a Cappie a long time to let someone in, and once you do, heartbreak can shatter that carefully built trust.

3. Leo

It’s hard for a Leo to get over being hurt. While Leo enjoys being in relationships, getting over that breakup isn’t as easy as falling into the dynamic once was. You may put yourself at risk of a broken heart, but once it happens, it can take ages for that pain to heal, and for you to let yourself start new again.

4. Scorpio

Anyone who puts up with a Scorpio deserves an award – they’re notoriously one of the most sensitive but difficult signs. When it comes to handling heartbreak, a Scorpio bottles up all those emotions and stores it in the back of their brain. Amidst keeping that normal routine, all they’re thinking about is their ex, so it may be best to take some time and confront those emotions. 

5. Aquarius

It’s hard for an Aquarius to form close bonds with people. Which is why once a lover has been let in and the relationship doesn’t work out, it can be hard to maintain emotional strength. While an Aquarius might look ok on the outside, on the inside, they’re grieving and overwrought with sadness.

6. Pisces

A Pisces wants to get over a breakup as fast as possible, but we all know that’s not possible. Only time will heal. Still, Pisces will rush themselves through all the stages of grieving just to say they got over it. Even if it makes them extremely vulnerable in the process.


7. Virgo

Let’s be real: the thought of true love terrifies a Virgo. The thought of revealing your flaws to someone makes you immediately think that they’ll want to run away at the first chance. Virgos are prone to insecurity, which makes it hard to deal with both serious love and serious breakups. 

8. Libra

A Libra is generally positive and cheerful, so when they go through a breakup, they do experience a tough emotional time for the first few days or weeks, but let themselves forget about it and move on in a healthy way. Libras will generally ask their exes if they want to remain friends – depending on what sign their ex is, this could mean trouble!

9. Aries

This sign is fiercely passionate, which is great when you’re in love, but not so great when you’ve fallen out of it, or been dumped. That passion turns to pain, ripping your heart into a thousand shards. While the post-breakup grief is initially strong for Aries, fortunately, it doesn’t last too long.

10. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is luckier than others on this list in the sense that heartbreak isn’t as messy for them. However, they commonly laugh through pain rather than expressing it. Getting out and having a good time is one way to cope, but you can’t ignore that pain forever, dear Sag!

11. Gemini

Some might argue that a Gemini handles a breakup best, but perhaps they’re afraid of relationships since they avoid being in serious ones. Instead, they like to stay independent and not get too weighed down. Maybe that’s because they fear that love will make them feel tied down. Still, once they do let those walls down and it doesn’t work out, it’s hard for this sign to ever try for anything deeper than a casual relationship.