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6 Ways Being In Love Changes Your Personality


When you are in love, the emotions you feel can transport you to another place and time. If you are really infatuated with the person that you are in love with, it can feel like the rest of the world just melts away and you and your person create your own little bubble. The way you act when you are in love can make you do things you never thought you would do. This can be for the best, and it can also be for the worst. How you react to love has a lot to do with who you are as an individual, and the personality traits you possess prior to falling in love. It also depends on your chemistry with your special person, and the way you treat each other and interact on a regular basis. What’s even more indicative in the journey through love is your ability to handle the inevitable roller coasters of dating. Based on this factor, love can enhance your best qualities and also bring out the worst ones. Truly, love is one of the single most provoking experiences we can have, making us at times so happy, and other times feel as if we have no control over our own actions and emotions. To understand just how powerful of an emotion love really is, check out 6 these ways being in love changes your personality. 

You are low-key addicted

Being really into your partner or significant other is healthy, unless it starts to go too far. If you are constantly trying to get your next hit of affection, attention or interaction from this person, you may have crossed over into the addiction side of love. It is highly possible and not uncommon to become addicted to the feeling of love, as research has found that it releases feel good chemicals into our systems. 

You smarten up

Love can make you do crazy things, but it can also make you better too. Research has found that just being in the state of love can activate your brain to function better. One study found that people completing difficult technical tasks on a computer started performing drastically better after seeing the name of their lovers on screen. 

You’ve gotten a bit more risky

If you are the type to typically play it safe, love could change that for you. Love can make us a bit more risky in behavior, inspiring us to do things we may have never done. This may mean traveling more to see our special someone, taking more emotional risks by being forward about our feelings, or a host of other sporadic and ballsy things to express our love. 

You are more protective


If you really love someone, you may notice that your protective gear shift switches to overdrive. Caring about someone’s well-being, whether that is emotional, physical or mental, can lead a person in love to take more precaution and protective measures to keep their person on the up and up. 

You feel more confident

Being loved by someone can make you feel like the most amazing person in the world. Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes who love you is a great perspective to have the privilege to. A good kind of love experience can help you to see all the positive traits you may have never seen in yourself. 

You lose focus

One of the negative setbacks to being in love is the time and energy needed to maintain the relationship. Being wrapped up in the lovey-dovey phase of a relationship can cause you to only focus on your significant other. This can be harmful if you are not able to maintain enough attention on your other priorities.