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7 Often-Ignored Relationship Red Flags That Predict Breakup


Getting to know someone in a romantic sense is not always an easy task. The dating stages bring together two people who have totally different upbringings, backgrounds and experiences, who must find a way to meet on common ground. This includes learning how each other communicate, conflict resolution styles, love languages and so much more. While this does take time to find a groove and develop a rhythm that is unique to each couple, there are some things that should develop naturally as a baseline. Key indicators from the very beginning can tell you hints about your chemistry with your love interest. If these indicators are pointing south, then it may be a sign that your compatibility is not very high. Many times we can see clues in the beginning that can help us understand if someone is right for us; we usually go wrong by ignoring these signs in pursuit of finding our person. But ignoring these signs will only learn to harder issues and drama later down the line. If you want to skip the potential woes of ignorantly blissful love, check out these 7 often ignored relationship red flags that predict breakup. 

They spend a lot of time talking to their ex(s)

This one is really dependent upon the nature of the relationship, but many times a close connection with an ex can spell out trouble in the long run. This can be a sign that they may eventually want to rekindle things with them. It could also mean that they are not fully ready to let you in as their new love interest. 

They talk about their ex constantly

It is healthy to some degree to discuss past relationships with new partners, so that you can both have an understanding of what the other has been through. But this can get to be borderline concerning if your new person constantly talks about their ex. It could be an indication that they are still harboring feelings for them. 

They cannot resolve issues with you

Everyone handles conflict differently, so there isn’t one set way to do it right. But the foundation for working through issues is being able to communicate. If there are always disagreements that your partner refuses to engage or work through with you, this is a sign of troubled water that is sure to sink your love boat. 

They are self-absorbed

Love is a two-way street. This is true in regards to communication, emotional support, and overall reciprocation of the relationship. If your love interest is always focused on their needs, asserting their perspective, and generally always talking about themselves — that is not a person who has much to offer you in the way of reciprocal love. 


All they do is complain

A healthy about of venting is to be expected in any relationship. It is nice to have the emotional ear and shoulder of your partner for support. But a constant complainer can be a real downer. Negativity engulfing every conversation or situation they bring to you is a sign that you are likely going to be in for a relentless stream of bad energy and energetic draining by your partner. 

They are constantly on their phones

We are all a bit guilty these days of being attached to our devices. But if your partner is always on their phones, giving you little to no attention, this is a red flag. They may be addicted to technology and or just not really respect your time and presence. 

They lie about small things

Everyone has told a lie at least once in their lives, so that’s not the issue here. But there is no need to be dishonest about small or trivial things. This indicates the potential for your partner to be a compulsive liar, or that they may be dishonest about the important things down the line.