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Want to Lose Weight? Change Your Thinking Instead


Many people want to shed pounds but have trouble keeping the excess weight off permanently. It requires many factors, like learning to love healthy food and getting your brain to crave more nutritious options rather than just junk food. Realistically, weight loss requires reprogramming your brain to make better choices every day. Something as small as a positive attitude can make a huge difference when it comes to losing weight and creating the lifestyle that you truly want. It’s time to think of a healthy lifestyle as something for the long haul rather than just a temporary stage. Shift your mentality and start thinking these thoughts if you want to keep the pounds off.

1.I love healthy food

Rather than dreaming about all the processed foods you’re craving, if you manifest this thought, you really will start choosing healthier options. After a solid workout session, healthy foods like avocado, fruits and whole grains sound absolutely divine, don’t you agree? Learning to embrace wholesome ingredients will truly change your life. 

2. I’m excited to try making this healthy new recipe

Don’t be afraid to get imaginative and use some creativity if you’re trying to stay on track and avoid boredom snacking. With the proper seasonings and preparations, something like riced cauliflower can taste identical to fried rice but contains way fewer calories. It’s time to start looking forward to all those healthy dishes you’ve never tried before, especially because with many of them, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor. 

3. I’m really craving a salad

Take that stereotype of limp iceberg lettuce out of your mind right now because there are so many amazing salad possibilities with endless ingredients. With a change in thinking, you can find yourself craving a salad daily. Of course, this will require trying new greens, or adding in things like goat cheese, fruits, and other unexpected ingredients. If you do this, you’ll really start seeing salad as one of your favorite foods. 

4. I love working out

If you start seeing exercise as a glass-half-full situation and stop being so negative, you’ll see it for the beautiful thing it really is: a sweaty and mood-boosting way to get lean, carve out new muscles, and lose weight while still eating what you want. Working out is one of the best habits for keeping weight off for good.


5. I always make time for fitness

Consistently making time for working out provides some much-needed alone time and reflection on life. It can give you the mental clarity to solve problems while bettering your health. With the right attitude and a workout routine that you dedicate yourself to multiple times a week, you can turn this into a long-term priority.

6. It’s fun to be healthy

Some people assume that a healthy lifestyle is a drag to be a part of, but it’s only boring if you make it boring! Soon, this will be your mantra because the healthier you are, the more energy you have to reach your goals and try out different activities. You’ll also be better company when you’re healthier due to your new attitude. There’s nothing more powerful than transforming your thinking in order to improve your health. As a result, you’ll live a better and happier life. 

7. I love to motivate others

As great as going on a solo healthy journey is, there’s nothing like sharing the benefits of being in good health with your loved one, and nothing feels better than sharing your results and encouraging others. Just the act of being healthier (a stronger physique, better skin, and a happier disposition) might inspire them to focus on their health.